Oh God, where’s Black Tapestries?

People probably think it’s dead again. But actually, it is updating. Just not here.  Why?

Well this is the same thing I’ve mentioned several times. Originally BT was backed by my husband who supported me while I made the comic without having to ask for donations.  I don’t have that luxury anymore.  Thus I don’t have the free time like I used to in order to focus on BT.  This is not just the drawing, but also the writing.

I haven’t reuploaded all of BT here yet because it’s 20 issues, that’s a lot of pages. I think the last time I counted, it’s like 1200, and the process is not entirely automated. It is, frankly, a giant time consuming pain in the ass. And one thing I don’t have right now is time.

In order to make a comic you have to have time, energy, and support.  I don’t have time.  I draw all day for a living so I don’t have energy. And finally, while BT has a whole lot of well wishers, it doesn’t have much support.  Of those that do support it, they get to see it.

Yes, BT is updating on Patreon.  It will not always be Patreon-Only, but I don’t have the time, literally, to upload the comic pages here. The Patreon does not pull in the support I need for me to take time off my real work to update this site.

But I will make you guys a deal. If you ever hit the $800 goal one month, I will take a day off to upload BT here.  So the ball’s in your court, really.  Just gotta hit that $800 goal and it’s all up.

So give me the support I need so I can get the time I need to get it updating again.


Obviously we’re still working on this…

BT’s archive is bloody huge, so we haven’t had the chance to re-upload everything yet.  I’m moving next week so I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to look into it.

I’ll have more time after the move (mid November) so I hope to get it back up by then.

Kaerwyn’s comic is still updating at: